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Getting Started with National History Day

This is your home base for History Day resources. Below you'll find links to important dates and deadlines, where to find research help, project organization ideas, topic ideas, theme descriptions, and project examples.  Bookmark this page. You'll come back to it often during your history day journey as you move from choosing your topic to the development of your project.

What is National History Day?

The National History Day (NHD) programs changes the way you learn about history. You will do the work of a historian as you choose your own topic, analyze it's significance by relating it to an annual theme, and presenting your analysis through a project. This year's theme, "Taking a Stand in History" encourages students to choose a topic that interests them, from local to world history. The program includes a competition where you are invited to compete for an opportunity to represent Sonoma County at the state level of NHD.
Where Do I Start?
Research Resources
Project Development
NHD Project Organizer
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