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History Day Timeline

Integrating History Day into the classroom can be challenging. The timeline below is a suggestion for implementation into any classroom or after school program. All dates and registration information can be found on the calendar.


If you have questions or would like advice on to how best integrate the History Day process in your own classroom please contact Whitney Olson at (707) 849-3503.


Suggested History Day Timelines in the Classroom


September/October – Introduce the program to students and begin discussing the theme and possible topics they may be interested in choosing. Introduce secondary and primary resources. Attend the Teacher kick-off on September 12th.  Sign up for the NHD Webinar series on theme and resources. Fill out and return the School Participation Form (Due October 30th). .


October/November Have students choose a topic and begin secondary research. Once they have narrowed their topic encourage them to begin researching using primary resources. Attend the Topic and Theme Workshop on October 15th.


November/December - Students should move into primary source research and begin developing thesis statements. If your school competition is in December, students will need to create their projects. Take your students to a Research Day at the library: November 12th, December 3rd.


January/February – Students advancing to the county competition should attend the Research Day on January 30th. They can also receive help developing a strong thesis statement and redesigning their projects. 


Mid January - No later than January 20th, you should have determined who is advancing from your school to the county competition.



Important Dates and Deadlines


Jan. 9: Registration opens for the NHD-Sonoma County competition. Educators must register first. $35 registration fee per student.


Jan. 31: Registration closes.  Late registration fee $45.


Feb. 3: Late registration closes.  All fees due to NHD-Sonoma County. 


Feb. 813 Early submission projects due for Papers, Documentaries, Websites.


Feb. 225: NHD - Sonoma County, Sonoma Academy, Santa Rosa

Mar. 1: Educators and students selected to attend the state competition should attend the State Qualifiers Workshop.


May 6 and 7, Saturday and Sunday, NHD-CA State Finals, William Jessup University, Rocklin, CA.


June 11 - 15, National History Day, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

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