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Introducing NHD

Classroom Outline - Sample 1

Classroom Outline - Sample 2 (detailed)

Classroom Outline - Sample 3

Sample Timeline - Sample 4

Parent Letter - Sample 1

Parent Letter - Sample 2

Parent Letter - Sample 3

History Day Contract

FAQ Sample

Garbology Inquiry Activity

Rulebook/Website Scavenger Hunt


Annual Theme

NHD Theme Sheet 2015-16


Topic Selection

HD Project Questionnaire 2015-16

Topic Ideas 2015-16


Thesis Statements

Thesis Statement - Fact Store

Thesis Development Worksheet

Impact Statement powerpoint

What do you know about your topic?

Impact Statement Worksheet

Principles of a good Thesis Exersise (Word)

Principles of a good Thesis Exersise (Google)



NHD Research Plan

NHD Initial Research Chart:  Chasing the Secondary Source

NHD Advanced Research Chart: Primary Sources and HIstorical POV

Bibliography Notes

Bibliography Notes - Websites


Evaluating Evidence

Corroboration of Evidence Chart with Questions

Cause and Effect

Analyzing Evidence: E.A.R.

Points of View, Message, Debate

Document Analysis Chart

Justification Paragraph Outline

Analyzing a Primary Source Worksheet

Analyzing a Political Cartoon Worksheet

Analyzing a Photograph Worksheet


Rough Draft

NHD-CA Project Organizer (Word Version)

NHD-CA Project Organizer (Google Version)


Project Production

Project Categories Summary

Project Storyboard - Sample 1

Project Storyboard - Sample 2

Basic Outline of a Paper


Process Paper/Annotated Bib

Annotated Bibliography Samples

Process Paper Sample

2-D Display Process Paper Guide



NHD-CA Judge Score Sheets


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