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NHD - Sonoma County 2019 Champions

Sonoma County Historical Society Scholars - 2019

  • Lewis and Clark - Whitney Cia, Lilah Kerr, Group Poster

  • Love Canal: Toxic America and the Environmental Health Movement - Callaghan Faircloth, Individual Poster

  • Tragedy & Triumph of Hetch Hetchy - Julian Bolt, Individual Poster

  • Shakata Ga Nai: The Triumphs and Tragedies of the Japanese Internment Camps -  Paty Chavez Cabrera, Individual Poster

  • The Tragedy and Triumph of Brown vs Borad of Education - Giselle Ortega Rivera, Ind. Poster

  • Triumph & Tragedy: America and the Jewish People of the Holocaust - Jasper Bayless, Hannah Berkheimer, Jade Glentzer, Jr. Group Website

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