NHD - North Bay 2020 Champions

Sonoma County Historical Society Scholars - 2020

  • Genghis Khan , Connor Kelley, Individual Poster

  • Katherine Johnson, She Took Math to the Moon, Gracie Downs, Individual Poster

  • Shirley Temple Black: Breaking Emotional, Racial and Gender Roles, Luccia Montiel, Individual Poster

  • Launch and Boom: The Ballista and Trebuchet Breaking Barriers, Nathan Erickson, Individual Poster

  • Luther Burbank Broke Botany Barriers in History, David Edwards, Individual Poster

  • Malala, Lilah Kerr, Whitney Cia, Group Exhibit

  • "Disabled is not Unable", Hanna Bender, Joey Izzarelli, Group Exhibit

  • Douglas DC-3, The Plane that Saved the World - Julian Bolt, Individual Website

  • The Butter Battle Book, The Cat in the Hat, and The Sneetches and Other Stories: Books that Broke Barriers -  Liberty Edwards, Individual Exhibit

  • Tracking the Transgenic Code: The Second Green Revolution, Callaghan Faircloth, Individual Exhibit

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